Floral Style Dining Room


A touch of floral style dining room with a classic retro furniture make dining room appear feminine. Floral theme in shades selected to enhance your dining room.

Seen from the selection of the cover cloth seats, and two flower paintings. Flower motif make the dining room look feminine. Character thus making the room feel more gentle and friendly.

Floral Style Dining Room

This floral style dining room, to blend with the kitchen. He occupies a land size of approximately 2.5 mx2, 5m. To make this room feel more spacious, the views were created illusion, using a mirror.

Not only serves to “expand” space, large-framed mirror that also functions as a decorative element. Who originally plain walls, become more interesting with his presence.

The use of furniture and accessories classic retro-style, looks very fit combined with floral motifs. Despite impressive past, but this floral style dining room did not look ancient.

To make it still look modern, furniture design and color selection becomes an important consideration. Interior design with floral motif in the form of a large flower itself is one of the classic style features. Selection of blue and beige color makes it still look modern.

Classic retro classic style

So it is with furniture design. Classic retro classic style or tempo, not merely furniture, large furniture and look heavy. You choose the furniture or accessory foam retro classic, but more simple and sleek design.

Shape rounded back chair at the top, typical of classic retro style. Nevertheless, the overall style dining room chairs in floral design is simple. Similarly, the choice of accessories for the interior design floral style dining room.

Once seen, we already know that the chandelier above the dining table in this photo, classic style. However, by minimizing the use of ornaments and golden colors, chandelier in the floral style dining room is more modern look.

Dining Room Full Color

The Concept Of The Dining Room Full Color – The dining room is a gathering place for families, especially when having dinner.

In this place all the members will gather to eat together, while joking that the intimacy between family members manifest. and harmony of a family is created. For it.

design a dining room needs to be noticed, questions are in order for the atmosphere of the dining room can be created. The concept of the dining room full color can be an option to create a comfortable atmosphere in the dining room.

The perfect blend of color and the use of bright colors that make the dining room full color feels spacious and contain elements to cheer.

Dining Room Full Color

The concept of the dining room full color, is a space will be designed with the atmosphere and bright vivid color.

Especially in the dining room wall color looks so beautiful. Mix matching colors will add beauty concept dining room is full color.

But we have to set one of the dominant color as the base color of the living, and other colors that blend a refinement to create the atmosphere of the dining room full color becomes more beautiful, so monotonous is not impressed with one color.

Colors in the mix even within their thirst and contrast that gives the impression of beauty is not only made the room feel more full and seem less well in view.

In addition, the combination of contrasting colors and an appropriate device such as the dining room table and chairs, will make the concept of the dining room full color look more beautiful. Arc of the bright lights and adding decorations such as wall hangings will provide the perfect beauty of this dining room.

However, to decorate, especially wall hangings should not be too much. Because it will eliminate the impression of color on the wall and that appears exactly the impression on the wall decorations.

What about you, Are you ready to present the concept of the dining room full color in your home. Of course, with the concept of the color of your choice. Hopefully useful.

Design Of The Dining Room

A house must have a dining room. This is where families gather together for breakfast or dinner together. And harmony of a family come true.

To that end, the interior design of dining room should also be considered. For comfort and harmony when eat together with family can be realized.

If you have a great big house, you can create a separate dining room with kitchen. But its location must remain close together or separate wall only.

But if your house is not too big or small you can make a dining room that blends with the kitchen. by adjusting the layout of the dining table and a place to cook.

This is just a glimpse of basic information in the design of the dining room. Of course there are many other things that can support the beauty and comfort in the design of the dining room such as lighting and air circulation and many others. Hopefully useful.

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