The Concept Of Maroon Color In The Bathroom


The concept of a bathroom will affect our comfort while in the bathroom. If the concept design of the bathroom comfortable, so we felt calm activity in the bathroom. Therefore, in designing a bathroom have to be really on notice.

So when so later, the bathroom has a beautiful and comfortable impression. Good impression or whether a bathroom is usually emitted from the final stage of manufacture bathroom. That is about choosing the color of the bathroom.

The concept of a maroon color in the bathroom may be an option for us. It is a maroon color is very rare in use when designing a house. But like other colors, maroon color also has its own value.

Maroon Color In The Bathroom

The concept of a maroon color in the bathroom is the use of a maroon color in the final stages of making a bathroom. Maroon color is a symbol of love. Therefore, the placement of the concept of a maroon color in the bathroom will be presenting the impression of serenity and compassion.

Thou that is expected from the bathroom, tranquility in the bathroom will make us comfortable to indulge in the bathroom. The use of a maroon color is not necessarily to all parts of the bathroom, but we simply present the impression of maroon in the bathroom.

We still can combine with other colors that match and contrast so that the bathroom would seemingly more beautiful, but the impression maroon should be prioritized.

In addition, the arrangement of the bathroom should also be noticed, for a full bathroom is not impressed. Appropriate arrangement of the bathroom will also support the impression of a maroon color in the bathroom, so the bathroom look more beautiful and comfortable.

The color of objects in the bathroom is also to be adjusted weeks to support the impression that maroon color. Thus the impression of tranquility, comfort and maroon color in the bathroom can also be created. And the bathroom was beautiful and sweet look.

Extreme Bathroom Design For Technology Lovers

Technological development is increasingly rapid. Just imagine that almost all the activities that we do relate to technology. And explore the development of this technology is already up to almost all human activities. For example the following.

A new breakthrough from the impact of technological development. That is an extreme bathroom design. Judging from the name alone this is no ordinary bathroom design.

Extreme bathroom design is the bathroom that are specifically designed for technology lovers. What was unusual here was the presence of technology in the bathroom. Then what kind of shape, this extreme bathroom design.

Extreme Bathroom Design

This extreme bathroom design has to load almost all the gadgets that the need for now. Just imagine, There are two large flat television, so we can watch our favorite show even though we’re bathing or lacy in a bathtub.

Television in pairs at different positions so we can watch with ease in any position. Also available is a laptop that lets you always connect to the internet that allows you to be in the bathroom while looking for inspiration in need of internet technology.

Then installed a speaker that allows you to listen to music when you are in the bathroom, and the light that brings its technology so it can make you relax. Mix all these technological devices that make this bathroom into a extreme bathroom design.

What about you, Do you also want to create their own extreme bathroom design ideas. But before you build a extreme bathroom design as above, you should prepare a big enough budget. Hopefully useful.

Comfortable Bathroom Concept

The bathroom is a place very often in use in our homes. In this bathroom we do personal things completely closed, such as bathing. Therefore, the first thing that must absolutely have a healthy and comfortable bathroom is a guarantee of privacy and health or hygiene.

Construction bathroom must also be sturdy. Second, the comfort when you are in it. Third, access to the bathroom it should be easily accessible by all residents.

Healthy And Comfortable Bathroom

These are the basic criteria of the public on healthy and comfortable bathroom. Still there are some additional measures, such as what devices are used in the bathroom, the air traffic system, pattern floors and walls, bathroom color, accessories, and so forth.

To realize a healthy and comfortable bathroom, to note the following points:

1. To create a healthy and comfortable bathroom, ensure smooth air circulation, so it is not trapped inside. In addition, the ventilation should be directed to the bathroom outside the room (avoid into the room).

2. For accessories, choose the more attractive. For doors and glass in the bathroom, choose a higher quality. Options on quality in the end will make you satisfied because the door is not easily eaten up by termites. Glass is also very varied and not broken.

3. Place two flowers or perfumes in the corner of the bathroom so that I’ll appear fresh atmosphere, healthy and comfortable bathroom is more pronounced.

4. For a small bathroom, the light used should be bright enough to give the impression of the net. As for the larger bathroom, lighting can be adjusted with the desire. So small or large bathroom does not affect the creation of healthy and comfortable bathroom.

5. Use the ceramic for the wall surface is smooth, so easy to clean and does not capture the dirt. While ceramics for over rough floors. Avoid using harsh and gloomy colors to avoid the impression of dirty and dark. In accordance with the concept of healthy and comfortable bathroom.

6. Install railings or handles near the shower. It’s meant for safety for children on healthy and comfortable bathroom.

7. Note the slope of the bathroom floor, a minimum of 2 percent to the discharge of water (floor drain), so that no stagnant water in the bathroom so impressed bathroom clean.

8. Avoid using too frequent use of acid to clean the bathroom floor for the sake of environmental sustainability and the creation of healthy and comfortable bathroom.

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