5 Tips to renovating your basement

Basements have always been portrayed as the dusty, cold and lonely part of the house. In movies, basements are the usual place where the frightening things happen and thanks to that, most people ignore their basements. Since it is hidden anyway, people barely take the time to clean and maintain the room. What they don’t know is that basements are meant to be used as extra living rooms or even bedrooms. Many people cannot see the real potential of a basement room. If you have the creative spark in your mind, you can turn that dusty and damp basement into a perfect man cave or recreational room. If you are planning to turn your basement into something epic then follow our simple tips that will change that scary room into a happy room. Here are our four tips to renovating your basement.

  1. Keep it dry

This is the first step towards a successful basement renovation. Most basements tend to have moisture because of leaky pipes or water coming through the foundation. You have to find that water source first. Once you find and stop the water then everything will be easier. Also try to cover up those small cracks because when it rains, it might drip and your insulation will become moldy. Once it is dry then you are ready for renovating.

  1. Soundproofing your basement

If you are planning to make your basement into a recreational room then you better sound proof it. Putting up sound insulation aside from the normal insulation will assure you that your enjoyment will not be short lived because of the noise you will be making. You will also avoid noise complaints from your family members once you and your buddies start to liven up the party atmosphere with louder music.

  1. Install a mini-bar

What better way to make your man cave complete by adding a mini bar. Mini bar is the best choice for your main attraction in your basement. It is also the best way to showcase your priced liquors with your buddies. All you need is a mini booth for the bar, some best-looking bar stools, and a little lighting and you are set to impress your pals. It will also keep your liquors safe and accounted for. For the best deals on bar stools, you can check out https://www.danetti.com/dining-furniture/bar-stools.

  1. Proper ventilation

A proper ventilation is an important factor when it comes to basement renovation. You don’t want your man cave to be damp or warm every time you stay there or be suffocated with the same air with everybody. Installing air vents is the solution to that problem. Having windows is not enough because basements are underground and you cannot always open the windows from time to time. It will also save your basement from the getting molds. A clean and fresh air will definitely keep your basement fresh and habitable to everyone.

  1. Great paint job

The paint job will determine the beauty of your renovation. If done properly, the paint job will cover the stains, dings, and dents on the walls. When choosing the color, you must stick with the lighter shades because it will make your basement cool and bright. Avoid the dark shades so that it won’t look gloomy. Also, try to harmonize the color of your furniture with the paint in the room to complete the design.


How renting a dumpster can save you time and money

Waste Management is a hot topic in today’s society. It is estimated that Americans generate about 200 million tons of waste every year. With so much waste, it is hard to keep track of it and worse, it is hard to know if the trash is disposed of properly. Because of this, the garbage problem in the United States is growing and it has small precautions. Even if they impose the recycle policy, they still cannot control and stop the garbage problem that is brewing. The problem should be met at the start of the line which most dumpster companies do. Thanks to many Dumpster Rental Companies located at the United States, they are able to lessen the burden of waste disposal and management by managing the disposal of the garbage and segregating the biodegradable and non-biodegradable for recycling. They become the front-line in the garbage war. Thanks to their diligence in picking up and disposing of people’s trash they are able to lessen the burden.

People usually ask what are the benefits they can get when they hire a Dumpster Rental Company to get rid of their waste. They usually think that it is just another money-making scheme. What they do not know is that it helps them save time and money and also the most important, Mother Nature itself. By hiring a Dumpster Rental they take care of all your junk removal and trash hauling without you ever lifting a finger. Most companies can provide waste removal solutions specific to the needs of the customer. They can take care of the garbage disposal of one residence or the entire community. So if you are thinking of disposing garbage by yourself then you will have to get permits and find land where you can dump them which will cost a lot of money. So it is better to hire someone to dispose the waste.

Most Dumpster Rental Companies have permits and a designated area where they can dump the trash they collect which all common people do not have. It also saves you time and effort because looking for a designated area for dumping is not easy. If you think about it, even if you have a dump site, it is impractical to go to your dump site everyday just to throw out your garbage. It will take too much of your time. By hiring a Dumpster Rental Company, they can do that for you. They will just collect your garbage everyday, and all you have to do is put your garbage on the curb. It is that easy. By hiring a Dumpster Rental Company, it is not just money and time you are saving but also your effort and convenience. There is no price for your comfort and health.

If ever you are looking for a Dumpster Rental Company then you can check out http://eagledumpsterrental.com/. Eagle Dumpster Rental is a known establishment in Philadelphia. They have been around for a long time and have evolved together with the advancement of waste management and disposal. If you consider experience as an asset then Eagle Dumpster Rental is well-experienced when it comes to handling waste.


Top Tips on How to Cool Your Rooms Down

Summer is fast approaching, and for many people, this is a beloved season they look forward to. Long summer days, with daylight running late into the evening. Waking up in the morning to sunshine streaming through your bedroom window. Sitting out in your garden on a warm evening and relaxing with the stunning backdrop of the star-filled sky. There are so many wonderful things that summer brings.

However, for some people, the summer brings irritation and discomfort, sleepless nights and hot sweats. If you’re someone who finds discomfort in the summer months, then you may find these tips on cooling down extremely helpful over the next few months:

Purchase summer bedding

Your bedding plays a significant role in how comfortable you are throughout the night. It can regulate your temperature and stop you from waking up dehydrated. Even if you have air conditioning, investing in a thinner sheet and duvet will leave you feeling refreshed. Switch your duvet for a low tog or natural cotton duvet to help to keep cool on those hot summer nights.

Close your blinds

While it’s nice to feel the sunshine in your room, too much can heat your room to uncomfortable levels. During the hottest parts of the day, close your curtains or blinds, so the sun cannot get in. Also, make sure to keep your doors open so that the hot air can escape, and the cool air can circulate.

Invest in a fan

If you don’t have air conditioning, then a fan is the perfect alternative. From small electrical fans to ceiling mounted, rotational fans, they can circulate the air and keep you feeling cool and fresh. Take a look at some of the great fans you can buy in the Fanimation collection to inspire you. Fans can be stylish, as well as functional; make sure to install one in your bedroom, or any other room which tends to heat up.

Turn off appliances

You could be surprised at how much heat is generated from household appliances and lights, so if you’re not using electrical items and lights, turn them off. Using your oven will also produce additional heat, so if you can opt for cold meals or cook outdoors, you will be able to prevent unwanted additional heat from being generated. If you do have to use the oven for a couple of hours, open up all the windows and doors, and make sure the AC or fans are on.

Get heat-reflecting film for windows

A lot of heat in the summer comes from sun searing through the windows. If you have a lot of windows that face the sun at the hottest time of the day, then this will be particularly problematic. You can buy heat reflective film to place on your windows to ensure that any unwanted heat coming through the windows is reflected away from your home. The film is a fairly cheap option and is easy to fit.

Don’t lose any sleep this summer, get your home all geared up so that you can enjoy the pleasures that this sunshine filled season brings.


3 Tips to Building a Patio Off the Back of Your Home

Having a patio in your home gives extra space for bonding moments and relaxation. Who would not love to have a special place in the house and just sip a cup of tea or chat around with the kids?

The best area within the home to build one is at the back, either near the garden or the backyard. Having one gives you easier access from the house, especially if you are hosting a special occasion like a family reunion or a birthday party in the backyard.

However, building a patio is not a piece of cake. Though it can look easy, envisioning a brick and stone patio at the back of the home needs a marriage of creativity and resourcefulness as well as careful planning.

Here are three basic tips you can ponder on before jumping into the process.

Plan ahead

Before doing any change, check on the critical factors that come with it—slope, utility lines, drainage, barriers like tree roots, and the shade.

Choose a site where you feel its cosiness. Have trees near it to keep you shaded and to give you breeze during the hot months.  Do not situate the patio in low spots where drainage can be a problem. Also take note of the slope and add soil if needed.

The time frame should be considered too. Building a patio requires time and effort. If you set aside a big chunk of your budget for this, hiring a crew is the best way to finish it in a quick time. But if you would like to work alone, it will take months.

Use rental equipment and collect the tools

Collect the tools you will need beforehand. Invest on a good crowbar, a sturdy chisel to remove wallpaper, carpet pad, and floor staples, as well as a good pair of working gloves.

Also check in your hardware store and buy electric drill and bits, utility knife and blades, spray bottles for wallpaper removal, and protective gloves and masks against dust and dirt.

Aside from these, prepare to hire a contractor who will inspect your house before and after demolition. You will also have to hire equipment rentals like rent1usa.com. Make sure to note the quality and affordable of the services before booking for one.

Anticipate complications

There will be many things you need to consider before starting to build a patio. For one, you should take note of the repercussions of building a patio under a tree. Digging the roots can be a pain, especially if the tree has been there for decades. If you want to keep it, find a contractor who will do the job of relocating the tree.

Aside from this, delegate a spacious area where dump trucks can drop sand and gravel. These cannot enter your main gate or your driveway because they are too heavy and might cause damage. Wheelbarrows can be a great idea.  You can also rent skid loaders or smaller truck.

Make measurements on your patio. Remember to include in the plan the measurements you will dedicate for your plans and gardens. Be creative in personalizing your design but never neglect the budget and the materials you will use for it.


How Often Should I Have My House Checked For Pests?

Written by: Quintin Bentley Crevling

The only sure fire way to protect your home from pests is to burn it down. If you don’t care to indulge in such extreme measures you will want to have a professional perform regular inspections of your home to check for signs of infestation. If you live in a densely populated community, or near the woods, you will most likely need to have your home checked for pests on a regular basis. There is no exact time interval between inspections so it is important to consider a few basic strategies to determine an appropriate time to check for pests, such as the environment you live, the history with infestations at that location, and the danger associated with the pest. You could click this link for suggestions about inspecting your home.

A large factor that determines how long you should wait to inspect your home is the environment you live, and the pests you have in the community. If you are in a residential suburb your biggest threat will most likely be a mouse that stumbles into your home or termites which can be infinitely more costly. If you have reason to believe that termites are in your home, you should have it inspected immediately. You should have your home checked once a year for termites if you do not believe there is an immediate threat. If you live in a large city you will most likely have to deal with cockroaches and big rats that get fat scavenging through dumpsters. Since cockroaches are much harder to exterminate you will want to have a bi-monthly inspection of your home to ensure their complete eradication.

If your home has a history of pest infestations then you should regularly inspect your property for signs of unwelcome wildlife. If you have had rodents in your home then you should properly patch up all entry points into your home and regularly inspect the entrances at least once a month. It doesn’t take long to inspect your home and it would be cost effective to nip a problem in the bud before it gets out of control. If you have a history of termites and bed bugs, which can be hard to completely exterminate you may want to have a professional come perform an inspection on your home every other month.

An infestation of some pests is more dangerous than others. A rat infestation provides both health and safety risks as they spread numerous diseases and create one of the largest fire hazards not attributed to human error by chewing through electric wires. If you don’t have a history of rodent infestations then you will only need to conduct inspections once a year just to be safe. There are other insects that pose a large risk to humans such as certain species of spiders. You will want to regularly inspect your home for these dangerous insects to avoid a potentially harmful interaction.


Top Plumbing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

The best way to learn is by doing, right? For plumbing issues, however, you have to learn what not to do. That’s how first-time homeowners learn not to put potato peelings down the garbage disposal or not to leave the garden hose hooked up to the house in winter. We all make mistakes and hopefully, we all learn from them. For the professionals at Southern Air, plumbing repairs like these are par for the course.

Garbage Disposals

We’ve all done it; put too much of something down the garbage disposal. Potato peelings, melon rinds, even eggshells, if there are enough of them, can block the drain or the disposal itself. Depending on where the clog is, the repair may involve removing the trap beneath the disposal or even the disposal itself and cleaning it out. It’s smart to avoid putting fibrous foods in the disposal; these are most likely to cause a clog.

Hanging Things on Fixtures

Hang too much weight on the bathroom showerhead and it’s going to snap right off. This happens a lot when shower caddies are expected to hold full bottles of soap, shampoo, conditioner and more. Sure it’s nice to have the extra “shelves,” but your shower head is not designed to hold all that weight. Use the caddy to hold lighter objects, such as razors, bars of soap, loofahs, sponges, etc.

Toys Getting Flushed

If there are kids in the house, it’s a good bet at least one of them is going to flush a toy car, golf ball, Barbie or something worse down the toilet. All plumbers probably have a story or two about the weird objects they have fished out. You’ll have to have the toilet removed if it becomes lodged in the trap. It’s best to heed the warning not to use the plunger in this situation. You may just push the toy further into the waste and that’s when things get really messy. For the technicians at Southern Air, plumbing repairs of this type are common.

First Fill the Tank

If you are leaving for an extended trip, you may think to turn off the power and water to your water heater as a precaution against flooding or fires. If so, make sure to fill the tank completely before turning the power back on. If you don’t, you risk burning out the heating element. The same advice applies for new water heaters, too.

Building Materials

If you’ve just completed a home DIY project, you may think the sink is a good place to clean out your tools and flush away any leftover substances. It’s not. Building materials and filling pastes, even liquid compounds, can harden in your pipes and clog them completely. Donate leftover materials to Habitat for Humanity or another worthy cause. For pastes, liquids and other items with chemicals, contact your city garbage department. If they don’t take them, they should know another agency that does.

It’s almost a rite of passage for new homeowners to make these types of mistakes. When a drain cleaner just won’t do, and you need it fixed fast, call Southern Air for professional plumbing repair. For 24/7 emergencies, contact us at 318-703-3193.


Why a Backyard Theater is a Great Idea that You have Never Thought Of

Movie nights are some of the most enjoyable things that you can do at home. They’re inexpensive, fun, and will let the whole gang bond on the cheap. But did you know that you can take your movie nights at home up a notch by having a backyard theater? All you need is to get one of the best outdoor projectors and you’re good to go!

Movie Under the Stars

Back in the olden days, drive-in theaters and outdoor cinemas were trendy and hip places to go to for date nights. Couples can snuggle up in their cars or lay down a picnic blanket and still get to see a fun flick without going to a cinema. A large screen on an open field shows a movie and you can enjoy a nice film under the stars. It’s a romantic thing, really, being able to enjoy a movie outside.

While there are still a few of these drive-in and outdoor theaters today, they’re not as big as they used to be. Actually, even actual theaters are struggling today with more and more people opting to go to the cinemas less and just stream the movies on their devices.

If you miss the golden days of outdoor theaters, why not recreate one right in your home? Anyone with a decent sized backyard can easily transform their space into their very own version of an outdoor theater that they can use anytime they feel like watching a movie under the stars.

Why You Should Turn Your Backyard into an Outdoor Theater

Turning your backyard into an outdoor theater will take some effort. However, it’s still one of the best ways to utilize the space. Why? Let’s count the ways:


  1. It can be your easy solution to having a home theater. This one is just more unique and it will solve your problem that you don’t have the space for it inside your home.


  1. It can add some boho vibe into your home. Imagine being able to turn your backyard into a fun boho paradise every movie night: cozy floor couches, blankets, and a few tents! It’ll surely be a fun way to dress up your backyard every once in a while!


  1. Your guests will love it! Want to up the ante on your backyard barbecue parties? A backyard theater can do the trick. Project a movie while you and your friends and loved ones enjoy some grilled meat and beers on summer evenings and you’ll be the best host there is.

What You Need for a Magical Backyard Theater

You might be worried how you can transform your backyard into a fun and exciting theater? Well, all you really need is one of the best outdoor projectors to get it done. Your space can be designed whichever way you wish, but an outdoor projector is a necessity you need to get.

You can’t just grab your home’s projector every time you wish to watch a movie under the stars because it’ll be a hassle to wire and they’re not designed to be used outdoors. That will be too risky, so keep your regular projector inside your home theater and get an outdoor projector right away. Once you have one, every other thing will be a breeze and you’ll be enjoying a movie in your backyard in no time.


Common Electrical Problems You May Face at Your Home

In the modern day, we have become too much dependant on devices powered by electricity. We need electricity to run the refrigerator, we need it to keep ourselves cool during the summer, we need it to charge our mobile phones and do a lot more. Hence, it’s a must that the electrical systems are maintained properly.

However, you may face certain electrical problems in your home which may require professional supervision. It is therefore important that you keep your eyes open for the common problems and get in touch with an electrician Campbelltown, as soon as possible. Here are some common electrical problems that you, as a homeowner, may face on a regular basis.

Flickering light

Does the light flicker? Aren’t you getting clear, and bright light? There is probably something wrong with the electrical connection or the bulb does not sit on the socket properly. A quick tightening can help, if there is any problem with the bulb, however, if the problem persists, a professional needs to inspect the fixture as well as the connection.

Power surges

Increase in the power flow or sudden lighting can cause power surge in your home and result in overload. This condition causes the breaker circuit to go off and create a power outage. Appliances that are directly connected to the circuit may also get damaged due to power surge. This situation might frustrate you, since there is nothing you can do and only a trained electrician can install surge protectors within the circuit to ensure sudden increase in the electricity flow does not cause any trouble.

Faulty wiring

There are higher chances of faulty or redundant wiring if you live in an older house. Since older houses are not equipped with the kind of electrical support that we require today, you may have to get new electrical connections installed. This means a number of new and old wires run side-by-side. There may also be several unneeded wires running behind the wall. Such wire crowd lead to potential fire and shock hazards. Therefore, if you live in an old house or suspect several unneeded are present, get in touch with an experienced electrician and get the electrical system de-cluttered.

DIY Disasters

This is one of the most common problems homeowners face. Oftentimes, homeowners take upon DIY electrical projects without prior experience and mess up everything. Attempts to mend the electrical system without professional help, often leads to a complete black-out due to short circuit. Therefore, if you find anything wrong with the electrical system, it is best to call the professionals.

Keep a list of local electricians handy and get in touch whenever you find something wrong with the electrical system, to keep yourself and your home safe.


The 5 Most Common Winter Plumbing Problems

While weather in most of Australia is temperate throughout the winter months, it does get cold in Sydney and suburbs like Sutherland Shire and sometimes it gets so very cold that it freezes and even snows! In 2015 the Sydney region of New South Wales received as much as 20 centimetres in parts in and around the city. If you are fretting the upcoming winter a few months down the road, it may be time to start thinking about the five most common winter plumbing problems. After all, the rest of the world has seen a bizarre winter for 2016-2017, what makes us think New South Wales will be any different? Be ready for these five common problems is all we can suggest!

1. Grease in Your Kitchen Pipes

It may not freeze this year and it may not snow, but cold weather congeals grease and when you put it down your sink, you can end up with a real mess. Clogged drains are perhaps one of the most common problems any home can experience and grease can clog it up faster than just about anything. However, don’t simply write-off a clogged drain to grease in the pipes.

2. Damage to Your Water Lines

In some parts of the world it isn’t uncommon to leave a faucet or two around the home running throughout the night when temperatures are going to go way down below freezing. This is because running water obviously doesn’t freeze as quickly as sitting water and you can be sure of one thing. Your pipes are full of water so they can freeze and burst! Don’t let them freeze because you will surely need a plumber to install new lines and that could be quite costly if you don’t quite know where the leak has sprung!

3. Interior Flooding from Burst Pipes

If pipes inside the exterior walls should happen to burst, you could be in for a good bit of flooding. This would necessitate turning off the water main, calling a plumber who would probably need to knock out a wall, repair or replace the pipe and then you’d need to fix the wall that was torn off. It is better to try to prevent this type of flooding, if at all possible, so call a Sutherland Shire local plumber to analyse and fix the issue before you do any further damage.

4. Water Heaters Failing

Oddly, you might wonder why water heaters tend to fail more in winter months than in summer months. Actually, it is typically because they were on their way out anyway but due to greater use they wear out faster. We use more warm water in cold months than in hot, so that extra wear and tear does a number on your water heater which only a plumber can help you with. If you are a DIYer you ‘might’ be able to get away with installing a new one, but it is far better to get a pro on the job before you cause more problems than you started out with.

5. Backed up Drains – Especially in Laundry Rooms

For a number of reasons, some drains and exterior pipes seem to clog and back up more easily than others. This is a common problem in laundry rooms because we have taken to washing our clothing in cold water to save on the cost of energy. Unfortunately, in the winter when the ground is frozen, you might find that your water doesn’t drain but comes back up and out the drain, flooding your laundry and adjacent rooms.

So there you have the five most common winter plumbing problems in Sutherland Shire, and in any other part of Australia that potentially experiences freezing temperatures in the winter. Want a good bit of advice? Have a plumber’s number on hand prior to the onset of frigid weather so that at the first problem, you can make that phone call.



6 Tips for Selling Your Home Fast

It is not an unusual phenomenon to have a supply that outstrips demand in the property market. Instead, if you are selling your home, you need to find out how to sell fast in the midst of such stiff competition.

There are ways through which you can enhance the attractiveness of your home in addition to lowering the asking price when considering a quick house sale. Here are top six tips to not only generate interest but also get you the best price possible:

  • Stand out from the crowd – You will do well to make your home stand out by considering introduction of custom designs or additions like high-grade windows, landscaping or even a new roof. These are handy in improving home aesthetics while adding value to the home.

Any improvements on your property must be practical with designs and colors that are appealing to a wide audience. Further, they should also complement the home as well as the other amenities like building a patio or deck next to an outdoor swimming pool.

Even then, caution must be taken so that you do no over improve your home for sale. Remember, not all renovations will give you a good return. Thus, if you are going to invest in home improvements, be sure to do your research so that you put your money in things that are likely to give a good return.

  • Eliminate clutter – Removing clutter is a sure way of ensuring that you show potential buyers what the home will look like when they bring in their belongings. Thus, you may want to consider removing some of the furniture to make the room look bigger or simply put away personal items such as family photographs.

Where possible, you could get the help of a stager to help in ensuring better use of your space. Even then, be sure not to spend so much on stating costs especially if your ultimate goal is to make a profit from the sale of the home.

  • Sweeten the deal – Offering terms or things that are likely to sweeten the pot is a sure way of making your home more attractive to prospective buyers. For instance, you may offer buyers a couple of thousand dollars in credit on the closing costs.

Alternatively, you could entirely pay the closing costs effectively drawing the attention of potential buyers. Offering a transferable home warranty costing between $300 and $400 for a year’s policy to cover appliances that include refrigerators and air conditioners that fail. Other appliances and house gadgets may also be covered depending on the policy. With this, your home will be more attractive as potential buyers will be more at ease knowing they are covered against such problems.

  • Spruce up your curb appeal – Most sellers tend to overlook the curb appeal of the home they are selling. Interestingly, buyers first see the external appearance as well as how it blends into the surrounding neighbourhood. You can achieve this by giving your home a fresh coat of paint on the exterior while the lawn and bushes are well manicured. Keep in mind that in the property market, appearance is everything.

  • Get the home into a move in condition – The aesthetic appeal of your home is important hence the need to ensure that appliances, doors, plumbing fixtures as well as electrical fixtures comply with the building codes. This is crucial as it ensures the home is ready for moving in to give potential buyers an impression that it is the right place for them to move in and enjoy the new home as instead of having to fix things.

  • Get the pricing right – Whether you have renovated your home or even staged your home, it is important to ensure that you get the pricing right. The best way to achieve the right pricing is by consulting with an estate agent, reading newspapers and going online to see what similar homes within your locality are selling for. Most importantly, put yourself in the buyer’s position to determine if you would buy the home for the price you have set. You may ask neighbours, friends and even estate agents to tour the home and give you their opinion on the asking price you have set.

Well, selling your property in a crowded market requires a little more effort. Thus, be sure to do everything possible to get your home in the best shape in readiness for the market. With the tips discussed above, you can be sure to sell your house fast despite the stiff competition.