Exposed Brick Wall Decorating Ideas

Exposed brick walls add a certain level of oomph to a house. Anyone with this kind of wall should be extremely proud of themselves. One advantage that is brought about by having a brick wall is the fact that it is so easy to decorate. Its natural look presents a variety of styles to choose from, and also, you can easily play around with colors. With so many options, it may become a daunting task when it comes to determining which style best suits your house.

We will discuss the different exposed bricks decorating ideas, and you can choose one that perfectly fits your sense of style.

Ideas for Decorating Brick Walls

Add art to the wall. Brick walls go well with classy yet straightforward pieces of art. Do not go overboard. Putting one piece of art will do and will help revamp the brick wall.

You can paint the exposed brick wall white and pair it with wooden furniture. The combination of the two brings out a medieval kind of look which also brings out a beautiful contrast.

Have you ever considered a mix match of black and white? These two colors are a perfect match. You can paint the brick wall white, and the adjoining wall can be painted black. This combination will give you an A-class look.

Mixed Styles. The neutrality brought about by brick walls gives you a chance to play around with different styles. You can have a mixture of traditional style and a modern look.

Wallpaper. Not everyone is enthusiastic about the brick walls. Therefore, if you are one of these people, you can put a temporary wallpaper. The reason for putting temporary wallpaper is because you still want to be left with the option or removing the wallpaper at any time.

Hanging Plants. Hang the plants around the brick wall. However, do not use the brick wall as the hanging point. Let these plants hang directly from the ceiling.

• Lights and garland. You can string lights together around the wall. Garland can also work the same as the lights. Use either of the two and arrange them on the wall like a ribbon. A tassel garland can also be a good option. Choose a pitch-toned tassel and hang it on the wall.

Brick walls are especially popular in New York, and they need maintenance to prevent decay. However, you can hire professionals who will preserve the wall. One of such companies is the Point Brik, you can visit their website at www.pointbrik.com.au. The organization specializes in rejuvenating decaying brick walls and ensuring that the brick walls are pleasing to the eye.


A bare brick wall is not very attractive. It may sometimes project the illusion that the house is unfinished. However, with the right decoration in place, it brings out a much more sophisticated look. The brick wall is becoming popular in many households today. If you cannot decide which look you want to go for, you can consult with an interior designer.

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