4 Tips to Finding a Qualified Electrical Contractor in Perth

Do you need to do some electrical work on your premises?  Whether at home or business, it is very important to choose experienced and skilled electrical contractors to do the job. It is however impossible to know the qualifications of an electrical contractor before meeting and talking to them or getting information about their services from one of their clients.  

Working with qualified contractors is important in that it ensures the safety of all parties concerned. You as the client will be safe from accidents such as electrical shocks, your premise will be safe from fires that may be caused by faulty electrical work and the contractor will be safe from accidents while doing their job. Here are four tips that will ensure you choose an electrician in Perth that guarantees safety while you get the best services money can buy.

  • Ask to see the relevant certificates of qualification from the contractor

As a client, you have the right to ask questions and seek explanations.  Before allowing any contractor into your premises, look at their educational or professional certificates.  You should also see their work licenses and insurance.  A qualified electrician will be happy to answer your questions and give you the documents you require to assure you of their competence. You can also easily find out all these information from the contractor’s websites or by emailing them before they send an electrician to you.  A contractor with insurance assures you that he will take care of any damages or accidents that may happen while work is ongoing.

  • Get quotations from several contractors

Do not settle on the first contractor that answers your call or replies to your email.  Know exactly what you want to be done and get quotations from at least three different contractors in Perth. This will help you compare their prices and see the various services they offer. Getting different quotations may also help you land a discount as a new client from one of the contractors.  While comparing prices, it is important to note that, expensive does not necessarily mean quality work but you should also not grab on the cheapest quotation presented. Find out why the prices differ by asking the respective contractors and then decide on the quotation that best suits you.

  • Seek references

This is perhaps the best and most effective way of knowing a great electrical contractor.  Ask your friends and family to refer you to some good electricians they know. You can also ask about the electrical contractors that they think you should avoid and get the reasons why. Talk to the electricians you have been referred to so that you make an informed decision.

  • Read customer reviews

Luckily, you can get reviews from different clients on contractors just by going online and on their websites. Note that it is best to read from both happy and unhappy clients this is because people are different and they have a different interpretation of things. Something that made an unsatisfied client might be the same thing that made a different client happy.  

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