What to Choose as a Statement Feature for Your Living Room

If you know a thing or two about interior design, you’ll know that statement features are always in. Whether it’s a huge colored wall in your bedroom, a wallpapered wall in your dining room, or an exquisitely tiled floor in the kitchen, they’re almost a vital part of any redecorating scheme. However, statement features shouldn’t just be to do with decorating; if they were, you’d constantly be updating your paints and wallpapers. If you’re the type to change your mind a lot, you should consider using a piece of furniture or a piece of art instead. That way, you can update it more often than repainting all your rooms!


While some people might think of lighting as a having a purely function role in the home, interior designers are adamant to change that. You can use bold, eclectic shapes to bring something wonderful to your living room – just look at the design collaborations in the Moooi lighting collection. This is an especially good route if you don’t have much space, as you can get the same effect without using up any precious floorspace.


The central point of your living room is always going to be your couch. So, why not take this up a level, and buy a piece of furniture that isn’t just super comfy, but super colorful too? You don’t need to opt for anything super minimalist, edgy or alternative: a statement couch can be the definition of home comfort, it just needs to stand out. This might be the color, the fabric or style – or it might be its size.

Soft furnishing

If you’re on a tight budget, spicing your living room up with soft furnishing is a good choice. You can reinvent the room, by choosing rugs or throws to change the accents of the room. If you don’t like throws, you could look at changing the upholstery on your couch. Or, use a piece of fabric, a huge print, or a rug, and secure it to a wall. You’ll get the same effect as painting or wallpapering, but without the hassle.

Coffee table

A coffee table is always a prime choice for creating a statement. Whether you go for an antique vintage type, or a minimalist glass-infused model, you’ll add to the essence of your room, and lift it up. Plus, coffee tables come in all shapes and sizes. Choosing a large, low one will dominate the room and draw all eyes to it. However, a smaller version will give you the ability to tuck it away when it’s not needed, or bring it out when it is. Likewise, you can decorate it with coffee table books, showing off your passions and hobbies.


If you’ve got a large book collection, then why not get it out on display? Many families around the country center their living room around the television, but having a bookshelf as the focus will change the dynamics entirely. Plus, you’ll be giving visitors an insight into your life, personality, and interests.

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