3 Things You Must Know Before Buying A Pool

The scorching sun just doesn't seem to tire, making the weather warm and ideal for a dip in the pool. So, have you made the decision to buy a pool or rather build one? There are various things for you to know and consider before splurging on a pool. You should know that getting a pool fixed in your backyard isn't cheap; a simple setup could set you back $30,000. In the end, the cost of the pool all depends on the size, the materials used, and the bells and whistles. You need to focus on a lot of factors before buying a pool as a wrong decision on your part could lead to hefty repair bills in the long run.

One of the most important things for you to consider while building or buying a pool is deciding to choose the right company—a contractor that is reputed and goes to all lengths to ensure that you get the pool of your dreams.

David Lewis, the owner of Swan Pools in Simi Valley, California, holds certain beliefs that he has adopted from his experience in the business. He says, ¨Make sure you check out the people you're dealing with. Go to the contractor's board to see if they're really licensed. And remember, the cheapest price isn't always the best. You get what you pay for.¨

Here’s an ultimate pool guide on 3 things you must know before splurging on a pool.

  1. Consider the space of your yard

Before green-lighting the pool setup, you must ensure that there is enough space in the yard for your pool. You should take into consideration that the installation of pool in the yard decreases room for other outdoor activities. In addition to that, you should also pay close attention to that location of the pool. Will the pool get enough sunlight or will it only be treated to shadows? Will you be able to have an unobstructed view of the outdoor television while you are in the pool?

  1. Know about long-term costs

You should know that owning a pool is not a one-time payment; it will have ongoing costs. For instance, you will have to pay for the water that goes into the pool. In addition to that, you have to spend money on the pool's maintenance, upkeep, repair and winterization if you live in a place that has a winter season. Of course, you will also be spending on pool accessories such as pool covers and toys etc. You will also have to spend money on a quality filter and pump to keep the debris out of the water and keep the chemicals mixed properly. We would recommend you to purchase a pump that boasts of a variable speed feature.

  1. Home Insurance

Will the home policy rate increase drastically after the installation of the pool? Or, will you need to install several other safety measures to ensure the policy remains intact? Hence, you must first have a discussion with your insurance carrier to identify if the installation of a pool in the yard affects your homeowner's policy.

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