Top Tips on How to Cool Your Rooms Down

Summer is fast approaching, and for many people, this is a beloved season they look forward to. Long summer days, with daylight running late into the evening. Waking up in the morning to sunshine streaming through your bedroom window. Sitting out in your garden on a warm evening and relaxing with the stunning backdrop of the star-filled sky. There are so many wonderful things that summer brings.

However, for some people, the summer brings irritation and discomfort, sleepless nights and hot sweats. If you’re someone who finds discomfort in the summer months, then you may find these tips on cooling down extremely helpful over the next few months:

Purchase summer bedding

Your bedding plays a significant role in how comfortable you are throughout the night. It can regulate your temperature and stop you from waking up dehydrated. Even if you have air conditioning, investing in a thinner sheet and duvet will leave you feeling refreshed. Switch your duvet for a low tog or natural cotton duvet to help to keep cool on those hot summer nights.

Close your blinds

While it’s nice to feel the sunshine in your room, too much can heat your room to uncomfortable levels. During the hottest parts of the day, close your curtains or blinds, so the sun cannot get in. Also, make sure to keep your doors open so that the hot air can escape, and the cool air can circulate.

Invest in a fan

If you don’t have air conditioning, then a fan is the perfect alternative. From small electrical fans to ceiling mounted, rotational fans, they can circulate the air and keep you feeling cool and fresh. Take a look at some of the great fans you can buy in the Fanimation collection to inspire you. Fans can be stylish, as well as functional; make sure to install one in your bedroom, or any other room which tends to heat up.

Turn off appliances

You could be surprised at how much heat is generated from household appliances and lights, so if you’re not using electrical items and lights, turn them off. Using your oven will also produce additional heat, so if you can opt for cold meals or cook outdoors, you will be able to prevent unwanted additional heat from being generated. If you do have to use the oven for a couple of hours, open up all the windows and doors, and make sure the AC or fans are on.

Get heat-reflecting film for windows

A lot of heat in the summer comes from sun searing through the windows. If you have a lot of windows that face the sun at the hottest time of the day, then this will be particularly problematic. You can buy heat reflective film to place on your windows to ensure that any unwanted heat coming through the windows is reflected away from your home. The film is a fairly cheap option and is easy to fit.

Don’t lose any sleep this summer, get your home all geared up so that you can enjoy the pleasures that this sunshine filled season brings.

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