3 Tips to Building a Patio Off the Back of Your Home

Having a patio in your home gives extra space for bonding moments and relaxation. Who would not love to have a special place in the house and just sip a cup of tea or chat around with the kids?

The best area within the home to build one is at the back, either near the garden or the backyard. Having one gives you easier access from the house, especially if you are hosting a special occasion like a family reunion or a birthday party in the backyard.

However, building a patio is not a piece of cake. Though it can look easy, envisioning a brick and stone patio at the back of the home needs a marriage of creativity and resourcefulness as well as careful planning.

Here are three basic tips you can ponder on before jumping into the process.

Plan ahead

Before doing any change, check on the critical factors that come with it—slope, utility lines, drainage, barriers like tree roots, and the shade.

Choose a site where you feel its cosiness. Have trees near it to keep you shaded and to give you breeze during the hot months.  Do not situate the patio in low spots where drainage can be a problem. Also take note of the slope and add soil if needed.

The time frame should be considered too. Building a patio requires time and effort. If you set aside a big chunk of your budget for this, hiring a crew is the best way to finish it in a quick time. But if you would like to work alone, it will take months.

Use rental equipment and collect the tools

Collect the tools you will need beforehand. Invest on a good crowbar, a sturdy chisel to remove wallpaper, carpet pad, and floor staples, as well as a good pair of working gloves.

Also check in your hardware store and buy electric drill and bits, utility knife and blades, spray bottles for wallpaper removal, and protective gloves and masks against dust and dirt.

Aside from these, prepare to hire a contractor who will inspect your house before and after demolition. You will also have to hire equipment rentals like rent1usa.com. Make sure to note the quality and affordable of the services before booking for one.

Anticipate complications

There will be many things you need to consider before starting to build a patio. For one, you should take note of the repercussions of building a patio under a tree. Digging the roots can be a pain, especially if the tree has been there for decades. If you want to keep it, find a contractor who will do the job of relocating the tree.

Aside from this, delegate a spacious area where dump trucks can drop sand and gravel. These cannot enter your main gate or your driveway because they are too heavy and might cause damage. Wheelbarrows can be a great idea.  You can also rent skid loaders or smaller truck.

Make measurements on your patio. Remember to include in the plan the measurements you will dedicate for your plans and gardens. Be creative in personalizing your design but never neglect the budget and the materials you will use for it.

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