The 5 Most Common Winter Plumbing Problems

While weather in most of Australia is temperate throughout the winter months, it does get cold in Sydney and suburbs like Sutherland Shire and sometimes it gets so very cold that it freezes and even snows! In 2015 the Sydney region of New South Wales received as much as 20 centimetres in parts in and around the city. If you are fretting the upcoming winter a few months down the road, it may be time to start thinking about the five most common winter plumbing problems. After all, the rest of the world has seen a bizarre winter for 2016-2017, what makes us think New South Wales will be any different? Be ready for these five common problems is all we can suggest!

1. Grease in Your Kitchen Pipes

It may not freeze this year and it may not snow, but cold weather congeals grease and when you put it down your sink, you can end up with a real mess. Clogged drains are perhaps one of the most common problems any home can experience and grease can clog it up faster than just about anything. However, don’t simply write-off a clogged drain to grease in the pipes.

2. Damage to Your Water Lines

In some parts of the world it isn’t uncommon to leave a faucet or two around the home running throughout the night when temperatures are going to go way down below freezing. This is because running water obviously doesn’t freeze as quickly as sitting water and you can be sure of one thing. Your pipes are full of water so they can freeze and burst! Don’t let them freeze because you will surely need a plumber to install new lines and that could be quite costly if you don’t quite know where the leak has sprung!

3. Interior Flooding from Burst Pipes

If pipes inside the exterior walls should happen to burst, you could be in for a good bit of flooding. This would necessitate turning off the water main, calling a plumber who would probably need to knock out a wall, repair or replace the pipe and then you’d need to fix the wall that was torn off. It is better to try to prevent this type of flooding, if at all possible, so call a Sutherland Shire local plumber to analyse and fix the issue before you do any further damage.

4. Water Heaters Failing

Oddly, you might wonder why water heaters tend to fail more in winter months than in summer months. Actually, it is typically because they were on their way out anyway but due to greater use they wear out faster. We use more warm water in cold months than in hot, so that extra wear and tear does a number on your water heater which only a plumber can help you with. If you are a DIYer you ‘might’ be able to get away with installing a new one, but it is far better to get a pro on the job before you cause more problems than you started out with.

5. Backed up Drains – Especially in Laundry Rooms

For a number of reasons, some drains and exterior pipes seem to clog and back up more easily than others. This is a common problem in laundry rooms because we have taken to washing our clothing in cold water to save on the cost of energy. Unfortunately, in the winter when the ground is frozen, you might find that your water doesn’t drain but comes back up and out the drain, flooding your laundry and adjacent rooms.

So there you have the five most common winter plumbing problems in Sutherland Shire, and in any other part of Australia that potentially experiences freezing temperatures in the winter. Want a good bit of advice? Have a plumber’s number on hand prior to the onset of frigid weather so that at the first problem, you can make that phone call.


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