How to Check Your Air Conditioner Before Calling for Service

Continuous usage puts your air conditioner under stress, which means the internal parts undergo wear and tear continuously; so you can find something wrong with the air conditioner all of a sudden. It is important to call the HVAC technicians immediately but there are a few things that you can do before the technicians arrive. Having some information handy will help the technicians carry out a smooth repair process. Here are some things you need to check before the HVAC technicians arrive.

1. Check the Power Supply to Your Home

If the air conditioner has stopped working all of a sudden, the first thing you need to do is check the power supply. Technicians often complain that they arrived at the site only to find that the specific house or the entire locality had no power supply. Low voltage might also lead to problems, so be sure that there is no problem with the power supply.

2. Check the Air Filters

In order to make sure the air conditioners work with full efficiency, the air filters need to be kept clean and replaced whenever required. Clogged air filters restrict smooth air flow thus affecting the system’s performance. If you find the AC not cooling well, check the air filters first. This is not a difficult job and you can do it easily without harming the system.

3. Have a Look at the Breaker Box

Oftentimes, the load increases on the circuit which makes the circuit breaker to trip. This cuts off the power supply to the system so it stops working. So if you find the air conditioner has stopped working, check the breaker box. If the circuit breaker has tripped, reset it and switch on the AC. If it trips again then there is problem with the Ac or with the electrical circuit. In such a case call the electrician as well as the HVAC technicians immediately.

4. Check the Condensation Pump and/or A/C Drain Line

Many air conditioners are provided with a water safety switch for safety reasons. The water safety switch stops the air conditioner from working if there is water leakage that can ruin ceilings or dampen the floor. So before calling the technicians, have a look at the water in a pan under the unit. If it is filled with water, just empty it and flush out the drain; the air conditioner might start working again.

So if you have just installed air conditioning in Brisbane this summer and find some problem, perform the above tasks before calling the HVAC technicians.

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