How to Build a Garden Shed to Organise Your Tools

Building a garden shed will not only give you somewhere to store your tools and gardening equipment, it will also be a fun DIY task that you can have full control of from start to finish. Unlike some DIY jobs, building a garden shed isn’t hard if you have the write plans in place. So once you’ve found a great resource for free and premium shed plans, you should be well on your way. Read on for a step by step guide.



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How to Build a Shed

1. Start by ensuring that the area you are building your shed on is level, and well drained (if you can wait to build your shed until the summer months, you’ll find this a lot easier). There is nothing worse than trying to build a shed on wet, un-level ground. Not only will it be messy, but it could upset the foundations.

2. The next step is to build the foundation. Your shed plans should tell you what materials to use and how to go about doing this. It should, however, involve placing lumbar skids in your area of choice, and then attaching floor joists to them.

3. Once your foundation is built, you can work on installing the material you will be using for the floor. Consider groove locking your flooring material together so that it won’t warp or come apart with age.

4. Once the floor is complete, your next step is to construct the walls. It’s best to build the walls as a unit. If you can do this on a flat surface, it will make it much easier to assemble all of the components. The walls will consist of the bottom and top plates, the wall studs, and the headers for the door and windows. Once constructed, you can add the walls to the floor.

5. Your next step is the roof truss framing. Your plans should advise you on the best angles to cut your rafters for framing – a good miter saw can work wonders here.

6. Once the rafters are built, your next step is to attach the roof. First, you’ll need to attach the plywood decking to the rafters, and then you can follow this with a layer of felt paper, followed by shingles (or whatever material you are choosing to use).

7. Your final step is to work on the finishing touches, such as adding in the windows and doors, painting the outside of the shed, attaching gutters for water to run off, and installing the interior features such as shelves and cupboards for tool storage.

The Importance of a Plan

Above are the basic steps involved in building a garden shed. However, it is important to use a garden shed plan in order to ensure your project is a success. And, whilst it may not seem like it at first, a good set of plans can also save you time and money in the long run.

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  1. Having a great plan is important for creating a shed. It will determine the durability of your shed and choosing the right materials is a must. A shed is a great space for storing things like garden tools.

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